We’re incredibly fortunate that not only does our work allow us to meet the wonderful people and animals of Greece, but we also get to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world! Amorgos is definitely one of them; a fact that our Equine Outreach team, who visited the island’s equines recently, can attest to!

The team visited local welfare group Animal Zone International who, since their beginnings in 2007, have accomplished incredible things for the animals of Amorgos: 1,310 rescues; 1,431 sterilisations; and 430 children who have benefitted from the organisation’s education efforts.

While there, our team treated an equally impressive 53 equines, including 8 horses, 9 mules, 36 donkeys and even a cow who was suffering with a foot abscess.

It was an honour to visit the island and work with such an established, dedicated team. We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to return for another outreach trip in the future – not just for the incredible scenery, but to help the island’s animals in any way we can.

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