4 days of sterilisations in Taxiarchis!

Our Taxiarchis Animal Welfare Clinic has now hosted three sterilisation outreach trips and we have many more to come! What began as an emergency station to be used to treat animals in the wildfires of 2021, has turned into a permanent fixture for sterilising, vaccinating and treating the stray cats and dogs in the area.  […]

Visiting Pyrimahos, Poulagris and friends!

On 18th December, our Equine team made a one-day visit to Paralion Astros in Arcadia to provide veterinary, dental and farriery care to the rescued equines of the local animal welfare association Arcadia Animal Care. Arcadia Animal Care were one of our Local Partners in 2022, they played a huge role in the rescue and […]

Treating the rare miniature horses of Skyros!

After their visit to Kea, our Equine Outreach team paid a three-day visit to the island of Skyros in November, to treat 71 Skyrian horses and 1 donkey. The ancient Skyrian horse is one of the rarest breeds in the world, these miniature horses are a protected species and are thought to descend from horses brought […]

Keeping Up With Kea!

On 27 – 30th October, our Equine Outreach team offered their services to 64 equines (34 donkeys, 20 mules and 10 horses) over a four-day trip on the island of Kea! The island has a large number of working equines used in various types of work by the locals (transporting materials, tourism etc), and also […]

Sterilisation clinic saving lives in Taxiarchis!

In collaboration with local animal welfare group, ARTEMIS, and with cooperation from the Municipality, we are proud to have our sterilisation clinic up and running in Taxiarchis! Unfortunately, our latest outreach for World Animal Day on 4th October was postponed due to a case of Covid in the veterinary team, but nonetheless, the clinic will […]

Don the lucky sea turtle

At the beginning of August, our local partners Naxos Island Wildlife Protection were informed by swimmers off the coast of Orco that a sea turtle was swimming in the shallow water and behaving abnormally. When the team arrived, they found the large male and transferred him to their station. Examinations and tests showed he was […]

Carriage horses of Spetses

On Μay 8th and 9th 2022, the Animal Action Greece/Animal Action Greece Hellas team paid a two-day visit to the island of Spetses to provide veterinary, dental and farriery care to the islands’ equines. Spetses is one of the Argo-Saronic islands that played an important role during the Greek Revolution of 1821. Here, history meets […]

Returning to Hydra’s working equines

On 6th and 7th May, the Animal Action Greece Hellas team paid a two-day visit to the island of Hydra, to provide veterinary, dental and farriery care to the islands’ working equines. Hydra makes up one of the Saronic islands, and is known for its outstanding beauty along with its lack of cars! Hydra holds […]

Annual visit to Agia Marina Donkey Rescue

Our Equine Care team returned to Crete to visit our partners, Agia Marina Donkey Rescue, on 27th and 28th April. Aris the farrier and Alkis the equine dental technician treated a total of 7 geldings and 23 female donkeys, ranging from 4 to approximately 40 years old! Thanks to daily attention from their loving carers […]

3 islands in two days!

Our Equine Care Team have been very busy recently, paying a 2 day visit from 9th – 10th April to the islands of Leros, Lipsi and Patmos to provide veterinary, dental and farriery care to 43 of these islands’ equines. It was a demanding trip as it included travelling across three islands by car, plane […]