A hard day’s work on Crete

Our equine dental technician, Alkis, and farrier, Vaios, visited the 32 retired donkeys who live at Agia Marina Donkey Rescue in Petrokefali, Crete! The sanctuary has been there for over 25 years, offering peace and safety to old, abused and abandoned donkeys. Half of the donkeys at the shelter are over 20 years old, while Hara, […]

Improving lives for donkeys in Karpathos

Our Equine Care team were pleased to return to Karpathos island last month after an urgent request from Dr Anna, Veterinary Surgeon at Animal Welfare Karpathos, to help an elderly donkey with overgrown hooves. The donkey’s elderly owner was concerned with the condition of her hooves, but with no access to a farrier on the […]

Keeping up with Kea’s Equines

Another island recently visited by our Equine Outreach team is Kea. The team have not been able to visit for a few years due to the pandemic, but on 1st and 2nd October they were welcomed back with open arms by the owners of the island’s equines. Vet Kostas, dental technician Alkis and farrier Tasos […]

Miniature horses on the island of Skyros

Our Equine Outreach team visited the island of Skyros from 29th – 31st October, home to the native rare breed of miniature Skyrian horses, not found anywhere else in the world! Kostas, Alkis and Tasos treated 68 horses during their trip, and checked another 6, mostly in two farms for the conservation of the Skyros […]

Positivity in Paros

Our equine team have been visiting the Greek island of Paros for 12 years, and during our most recent visit in September, we were pleased to see how our ongoing support has improved the welfare of the working equines and attitudes of their owners. We treated 58 donkeys, horses and mules, all either living in […]

September in Santorini

Santorini… a Greek paradise and tourist hotspot which sees over 2 million visitors flock there each year for its stunning views and sightseeing. Santorini is well known for its donkeys and mules, they’ve been used for transportation and development there for hundreds of years, but now, are more commonly used as tourist taxis. We’ve been visiting […]


Our Equine Outreach team visited local welfare group Animal Zone International who, since their beginnings in 2007, have accomplished incredible things for the animals of Amorgos…


Our Equine team last visited Spetses in 2009. Despite more than 10 years away, we were bowled over by the island’s warm welcome when we returned earlier this year to provide veterinary, dental and farriery treatment to 34 equines.

Animal Action Greece RETURN TO HYDRA

Our Equine Outreach team have been visiting the island of Hydra and treating its animals for over 10 years. But in 2020, we were forced to cancel the trip due to both a lack of funding and, of course, the outbreak of Covid-19.


FINAL UPDATE: HERMES ROCKS THE ROLL Scroll down to our latest comment on our post immediately before this one to watch Hermes putting the finishing touches to his appearance before leaving for his new home (hilarious video). And here they are, in their new home… (Following his antics in Athens, we’re amazed at how clean […]