Equine outreach on the island of Lipsi

Our Equine Outreach team have had a busy spring, heading out to the island of Lipsi in the Dodecanese, to treat 22 equines, mainly used for leisure, but also for tourism and working purposes. Lipsi is a small island in a remote location, remaining unnoticed by mass tourism and preserving its unspoiled, natural landscape and […]

A visit to Agia Marina Donkey Rescue, Crete!

Our equine dental technician, Alkis, and farrier, Vaios, visited Agia Marina Donkey Rescue in Petrokefali, Crete, last month to offer their services to the 32 retired donkeys who live there! The sanctuary has been there for over 25 years now, offering peace and safety to old, abused and abandoned donkeys. Half of the donkeys at […]

Treating the Transporters of Mount Pelion

The wooded slopes of Mount Pelion are considered one of the most beautiful places in Greece. Although the pretty villages are popular with tourists, the mountain also supports a thriving logging industry, so there are many working horses, donkeys and mules in the area. Our Equine Outreach team recently returned to this mountainous region of […]

Animal Action Greece team interviewed in Hydra

When our Equine Outreach team visited Hydra in 2021 as part of our Equine Programme to treat the island’s working equine population, they were followed by ERT TV (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation) to share the work we do, why it is required, some of the issues faced and progress being made for Greek equine welfare. Now […]

Visiting Pyrimahos, Poulagris and friends!

On 18th December, our Equine team made a one-day visit to Paralion Astros in Arcadia to provide veterinary, dental and farriery care to the rescued equines of the local animal welfare association Arcadia Animal Care. Arcadia Animal Care were one of our Local Partners in 2022, they played a huge role in the rescue and […]

Treating the rare miniature horses of Skyros!

After their visit to Kea, our Equine Outreach team paid a three-day visit to the island of Skyros in November, to treat 71 Skyrian horses and 1 donkey. The ancient Skyrian horse is one of the rarest breeds in the world, these miniature horses are a protected species and are thought to descend from horses brought […]

Keeping Up With Kea!

On 27 – 30th October, our Equine Outreach team offered their services to 64 equines (34 donkeys, 20 mules and 10 horses) over a four-day trip on the island of Kea! The island has a large number of working equines used in various types of work by the locals (transporting materials, tourism etc), and also […]

Wounded donkey in Chalki

A satisfying before and after! During our Equine Team’s recent visit in Chalki, they treated 4 donkeys and 2 mules (100% of the equine population of the small island!), and encountered a specific case involving a donkey with a nasty wound. During the summer, we were informed by our local partners, Donkeysland Γαϊδουροχώρα – το Ελληνικό […]

Equine outreach in Rhodes

This summer we received welfare complaints about the working donkeys in Lindos, Rhodes, and we have previously received requests from their owners to offer our advice, expertise and services to improve their conditions and achieve a better level of welfare. Our Equine Outreach team visited the island from 8th – 11th September and offered their […]


On 12th June, the Equine Outreach team visited Naxos, an island that we had visited many times in the past, but haven’t been able to visit for several years now, due to difficulties in coordinating the local owners. Naxos is the biggest and most fertile island in the group of Cyclades, located right in the […]