Galina lives on Syros and cares for stray cats at three different locations in the area known as St Nektarios, a neighbourhood of the main town, Ermoupolis. There are about 100 cats altogether and over the last couple of years, Galina had managed to spay most of the females – around 40 of them – but she hadn’t been able to deal with the males, due to their number and the cost involved.

She goes out every night and feeds her charges and they’re all in excellent condition. She never misses a day, but feeding is not all she does. She observes each one, strokes them, speaks to them, and gives them each a name. She looks after them as though they were her own children. They ARE her children. 

Galina’s males were recently neutered in large numbers and only a few now remain to be ‘done’. In any effort like this the individual who does the feeding – as well as the time at which they do it – plays a vital role. Galina feeds at night and during some of those times the “We Live Together” vehicle showed up and the cats were easily trapped. They were taken to the organisation’s surgery, neutered, and two days later were back on their home patch.

Galina’s joy is hard to describe, as is ours at witnessing the completion of the work among those colonies and being part of Galina’s efforts. Animal Action Greece’s contribution to this result has been absolutely key, since the charity covered the cost of all the surgeries in the area. We’re most grateful.

Manolis Vorrisis is a Syros based vet and founder of We Live Together

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