I’ve always had a problem with my eyes. I was rescued from Galissas at about five weeks old, I couldn’t get any food because I couldn’t see and was full of parasites. Luckily I was found by a tourist and her son from Athens, and they brought me to Syros Cats, where they cleaned my eyes and kept putting drops in them. I was so tiny and sickly, they didn’t expect me to survive. I couldn’t see anything and it was very scary, there were many other cats around – much bigger than me. Of course, I didn’t like it and tried to run away…  I liked it even less when they put me in a box and took me by car to the vet, where he messed with my eyes and eventually did a little operation.

But after the treatment, I could see a bit, mainly light and shadows but I can manage with that. Sometimes I get too close to the other cats – they don’t understand and get mad at me, so I try to be careful. At night it’s hopeless, I can’t see anything, but I’ve been here nearly ten years now so I know my way around quite well!

I never go far away and like to sleep on the couch outside the front door. It’s sheltered there and I’m always on call for food. The people who rescued me called me Dougan. I know my name, and if I can, I come when I’m called. I can look after myself though, I have thick ginger fur and make sure it’s always clean – I hate to have a matted coat. We ginger cats have big purrs – I like to use it often, because I don’t have much of a meow, more of a squeak really.  But it’s enough to get the attention of my humans when I need food or treats. I’m shy around other cats and run away from food rather than see them off, so I often come late at feeding time. That way, I can get more peace to eat.

I’m used to life here and can’t really be rehomed as it would take me a long time to get used to a new place – but I have a sponsor, who contributes to my food and care – she even visits me several times a year, so I manage quite well and am very grateful not to be trying to make a living on the street.

Recently though, it’s been very cold, we even had some snow. I’ve been taught how to use the cat flap to get into the house, but I find it really scary, especially as many other cats live inside. However, this week I’ve been brave and coming inside to find a nice warm snoozing place by the fire. I hope summer comes back soon, it’s so tiresome getting cold and wet…

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